Rachel Cushman

Chinook Councilwoman Rachel CushmanBirthplace: Milwaukie, Oregon
Current Residence: Eugene, Oregon
Current Family Information: Granddaughter of Judith Lytsell (McBride); Great-Grandniece to Janet King (McBride), Daughter of Doris Cushman; Sister to Sarah Cushman-Reichardt, Christina Rupert, Daniel Cushman, and Darla Cushman; Mother to Kanim Cushman-White Eyes, and Isik Cushman-White Eyes; Auntie to Shaylee Reichardt, Elijah (Ellie Rose) Reichardt, Gryffon Cushman, Rafael Cortez, Annabelle Cushman, and Charlotte Cortez
Family Descendency: Washington (Clatsop Indian Chief and signer of the 1851 Treaties), Telzan (Tillamook and Clatsop), Nestucker (Salmon River woman)
Year of Election: 2017
Hobbies: Paddling, Singing, Dancing, Weaving, Sewing, Beading, Cooking, and Quill Work
Goals While on Council: I believe that transparency with membership is vital for the success of Chinook Indian Nation. It is my goal to connect tribal members living outside of the Pacific County area with the Pacific County community. Our people descend from 5 Chinookan speaking Tribes. We are people of both Washington and Oregon. We are canoe travelers. Our people traditionally traveled the coast line and the rivers. Many of our members live throughout the Columbia River Watershed, as is traditional and I would like them to feel like they are welcome to participate. A goal of mine, as is a goal of all council members, is clarification of our federal status. We need this to ensure our inherited rights are upheld by the federal government.

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