Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Chinook Language Dictionary Available?
Yes, and a very good one! Chinuk Wawa As Our Elders Teach Us to Speak It Purchase Chinuk Wawa As Our Elders Teach Us to Speak It online.

Is there a Chinook history book Available?
Yes! Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia Purchase Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia online.

Are the Clatsop part of the Chinook Indian Nation? YES. If you are Clatsop, this is your place. Hundreds of Clatsop have been enrolled with the Chinook Nation for generations. The Chinook Nation has always protected and fought for the rights of our Clatsop people. Docket 234, from the Indian Claims Commission, also defines Clatsop as part of the Chinook Nation.

Can enrolled members get medical/dental services at other tribal clinics? Since the Chinook Indian Nation is not Federally recognized it is up to each individual tribal clinic if they will honor Chinook members. You must call that tribe's Contract Health Department and inquire. The Chinook Nation does not have a contract health department.

Do enrolled members have fishing/hunting rights? No, the Chinook Indian Nation is not Federally recognized.

Does the Chinook Indian Nation have a casino? No the Chinook Tribe does not have a casino! The Chinook Winds Casino is owned by the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians.

Where can I get information and an application for an Alvina Frisbie Scholarship?
Go to Alvina Frisbie Scholarship page.

If I receive an Alvina Frisbie Scholarship do I have to volunteer at all tribal events?
NO, not all events. You are required to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours for the Tribe. See the Volunteering page for a list of volunteer opportunities. Be prepared to volunteer 20 hours each year you apply for the scholarship.

How can I request speakers, drummers, dancers, translation help or other cultural information?
Download this form and submit your request to our tribal office

How often are newsletters published? We try to publish at least one newsletter each year. We are required by our Constitution to notify members two weeks before the Annual Meeting and we often do this by newsletter and sometimes by postcard and email.

Was Ambassador Chris Stevens Chinook?
Yes, and we mourn the loss of the Ambassador.

Robert or Robin Taylor is not a Tribal member and does not represent the Chinook Indian Nation.

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