Food Vouchers & Traditional Food Distribution

We distribute food vouchers to tribal families in need who are Washington State residents* and reside within our Tribal Service Area. For this program the service area is Pacific or Wahkaikum County.

Active tribal members who live outside our service area, those who serve on committees and/or volunteer on a regular basis, may petition the council, in person, for services equal to those that residents receive.

If your family net income falls below 150% of the federal poverty rate we can help you. You will need to fill out an application and submit it with proof of income. Applications are available to pick-up at the tribal office or at monthly Council Meetings. Please fill out the application completely and submit proof of household income. Incomplete applications will be returned.

If you are having a one time emergency please contact Jane Pulliam and we will work out a temporary solution for you, regardless of income.

Vouchers are distributed monthly in these amounts**:
Within our traditional territory, Pacific or Wahkaikum County, $100 to families of 3+ and $75 to single people and couples.

Outside of Service Area:
Tribal members outside our service area will be eligible for holiday/winter food vouchers in November, December and January as funding allows.

We also have a “Traditional Foods” Program and from time to time we have fish, elk or deer meat in the freezer. Elders take first priority on distribution and then families receiving food vouchers. If you are interested in receiving some of this food please contract the tribal office and ask to be put on a list of people to call when it is available for pick-up. The elk and deer is butchered and wrapped. The fish comes needing to be gutted and cut... we usually have a crew to do that and then fish is distributed fresh or frozen as whole bodies or sides. We are always looking for helpers to clean fish too. If you can help with fish cleaning let the office know and you will be placed on a call list and when we get fish someone will call and see if you can come and help


*This program is funded by the State of Washington and therefor is for Washington residents only
** Subject to change without notice


Updated December 15, 2015


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