Without Federal Recognition Chinook History is Not Protected

The Chinook Indian Nation deserves access to the same resources that other tribes have for the maintenance of culture and language and for the
preservation of its important history. Clarification of the Nations status would allow access to these important funds.

Tonwah (aka “Emmaline” or “Emmaline Redhead”) Pickernell is pictured top left. Tonwah’s granddaughter, Amanda Green, is seen on the right and was maker of the baskets and bag shown below. Amanda’s granddaughter, Carol Bishop, is seen as a child with the basket of kittens.

Unfortunately the baskets were stolen in the 1980s from
Amanda’s granddaughter and the bag was stolen in 2013 from Amanda’s Great Granddaughter. Without unambiguous Federal Recognition the Chinook Indian Nation has not been able to staff a department tasked with the preservation of this important history or build a museum to protect and interpret it.







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