Chinook Tribal Council

Peggy Disney, Gina Rife, Jane Pulliam, Gary Johnson, Devon Abing, Sam Robinson, Tony Johnson, Jeremy Wekell, Jessica Porter

The Chinook Nation is governed by a nine member Council which includes a Chairman, Vice Chairman and a Secretary/Treasurer. Officers are elected by the General Assembly and serve a three year term.

Regular Council members are elected by the General Assembly and serve three year terms. If there is a vacancy on the Council it can be filled by a majority vote of the Council and that new Councilman will fill the unexpired portion of the term vacated.

The Council meets monthly on the second Saturday of the month, except in June when the General Assembly meets on the Third Saturday of June. Meetings begin at 11:00 a.m. Check our calendar for locations.

The current Chinook Indian Nation’s Council is as follows:
Tony Johnson, Chairman
Sam Robinson, Vice Chairman
Peggy Disney, Secretary/Treasurer
Devon Abing
Gary Johnson
Jessica Porter
Jane Pulliam
Gina Rife
Jeremy Wekell

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