Wish List

We are a 501 c3 organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

Riding Lawn Mower, Weed Wacker, Gas can. We could use our own lawn equipment to keep the office grounds looking good. Please contact the office if you have esomething to donate. Depending on location we may be able to arrange for pick-up.

Could you volunteer your time to mow the yard and/or park for us? Contact the office - we love volunteers!

Seasoned Alder. We always need seasoned Alder for cooking fish at tribal events.

Enclosed Utility Trailer. This kind of trailer would serve multiple purposes. Besides being a way to haul the cooking equipment we take to First Salmon, etc. it would be a place to store those items. It would also come in handy for the Intertribal Canoe Journey.

Canning Jars for jelly and smoked fish. If you have extras PLEASE, Please, please, consider sharing.

NEW Laser printer. One that could printup to 11x17 would be very useful!

Covered Storage for the canoes and motor home.


Chinookan stlye man